(CNS): Police are conducting inquiries into the circumstances surrounding the death of a 78-year-old man from West Bay who was pulled from the water close to Cemetery Beach at around 8:15am Sunday. A 911 call was made reporting that a person was in distress. When police arrived at the scene, the officers saw that members […]

(CNS): The Kearney Gomez Doppler Weather Radar, located in the interior of East End, is back up and running this week after being out of service for more than seven months. Officials said in a press release that the beleaguered system had undergone essential repairs and maintenance and was “fully operational” as of Monday, 27 […]

(CNS): Grand Cayman’s sole power supplier, CUC, has issued a statement warning that its shrinking reserve margin means customers could soon see rolling power outages as the mercury climbs this summer. Growing demand driven by already record high temperatures, economic growth and delays in OfReg’s bid for new generating capacity for the grid means that […]

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